Hi, I'm Caroline.

Ilove couples with adventurous souls – the free spirits, the barefoot brides, the ones who love their partners fiercely and unabashedly.  I adore authentic and genuine moments and would so much prefer for you to live in the moment than to feel posed and unlike you. I approach your wedding day with eyes that are searching for the little moments in between. The kids playing, the tears, the laughter, the looks, the love. I love authenticity and my goal is to document your day with this in mind, and with sharing who you truly are together as a couple.

More details about the person behind the lens? I currently have one tattoo that says “Tetelestai”, which is Greek for “It is Finished” or “Paid in Full”. This has significance for me, because it points back to the life of grace I received through Christ through which my whole life has purpose and meaning.  I smile a gap-toothed smile which overtakes my whole face because I have baby cheeks for days. I credit this with being why people consistently tell me that I look like I’m fifteen, which I don’t mind all that much. 

I’m a big fan of tea (David’s Tea is a big danger to my bank account). I adore pandas. The Office will always be my show that I can watch and re-watch endlessly (and still giggle every single time Jim pranks Dwight). Donuts are my fave. Guaranteed I’ll fall in love with you if you give me a donut. (500) Days of Summer is my favourite movie to sit down to on a rainy day with a mug of tea. Because the soundtrack is the bomb (soundtracks are also a bit of a thing for me). But mainly because the scene with the juxtaposition of expectations versus reality is just the best. Also, I’m an English major so any time juxtaposition is in anything I’m instantly ready to write essays.

They are amazing! We are so in love with them, you outdid yourself! Thank you so much for all of your time and skills and for sharing our day with us! We can’t say enough how beautifully you photographed our wedding.

– Heidi & Aaron

Thank you so much, these are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It was such a pleasure and honour to have you take out pictures! EVERYONE commented on how amazing and sweet you are. Your passion and excitement for what you do and for people really shows!

– Paula & Dan

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS! They are beautiful and we love them so much! You absolutely killed it! We appreciate you and all that you have done for us!

– Felicia & Elijah

Caroline, We cannot thank you enough for these photos. You were absolutely incredible and your work is beyond words! Thank you for everything! We are so lucky to have found you online- just such a perfect fit! Thanks again, we are so happy with how everything went the day of and so glad we now have these amazing memories to look back on forever.

– Brooklynn & Rob